1 Minute With Lily Vanilli…
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1 Minute With Lily Vanilli…

After seeing how many of you enjoyed my last interview with baker Ruth Clemens, I thought I’d bring you another one, this time with the fashion industry’s favourite baker, Lily Vanilli (real name Lily Jones). Her previous clients include the very exciting; Jo Malone, Pop Magazine, Lulu Guiness and Lula magazine, just to name a few. I caught up quickly with the very busy baker to see what she’s been up to…

1 Minute With Lily Vanilli…

Hi Lily, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself and what you do for those who aren’t familiar with you? 
I’m a baker based in East London

Your name Lily Vanilli, where did it come from? 
I was on MSN chat with my friend in Australia & we were on a roll with a series of corny baking puns
making fun of me & my new enterprise. A few days later I was caught out on the spot to name my business.

What began your passion to start baking cakes? 
I like the peace and focused solitude that comes with baking. It involves the concentration of all your senses and allows you to switch off everything else.

You’re not a tradition baker, some of your cakes are pretty creative. How do you find inspiration for them? 
There’s a lot to inspire you where I live.

If you weren’t a baker, what do you think you’d be doing? 
I have no idea.

What recipe of yours would you give to someone who’s just started baking? 
It depends on the person. Some people are by nature well suited to pastry.

If you were only able to eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be? 
Chips, salt, vinegar.

What have been some of your best moments of your career so far? 
Opening my bakery on Columbia Road, and publishing my second book Sweet Tooth with Canongate were both happy moments.

What’s next for you Lily? 
India & New York!

Thanks for your time Lily you’ve been great! 1 Minute With Lily Vanilli… 1 Minute With Lily Vanilli…

Lily’s book Sweet Tooth is available to buy and visit her at her bakery on Columbia Road (for details,)!

(Photo’s taken from Lily’s blog & from her book Sweet Tooth)