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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

A Guide To Worthing

Worthing is a seaside town, 10 miles away from Brighton and somewhere I've visited a lot this year as my parents moved here back in February. It's also where Tank Girl and Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewllett is from, and there's little nods to him across the town. It's not somewhere you'd think to visit, but with lots of places to eat and drink, it's worth the day trip. Plus it's far less crowded than Brighton! 

I've pretty much eaten my way around the area and there are a few places I still want to visit, so I'll try and update this post once I have. For brunch I'd recommend heading to Malt for a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as their daily cake offerings. In the photo above is their spiced chickpeas on toast and scrambled tofu on toast.

Opposite is Boho Gelato who are known for their handmade, Italian-style ice cream and vegan sorbets. If that wasn't enough Pizza Face is right next door, their Brighton is venue is always super busy, so here's the perfect chance to try some of their raved about pizza (there's even one called Daisy)! Looking for even more pizza? Try Fiordilatte for perfect sourdough and delicious olives - I always pick the Mistica, a true veggie delight. 

So many restaurants in the area offer vegan options, but if you're looking for something extra indulgent, try Cactus Kitchen Gals. Their vegan menu includes a double cheezburger, deep fried pickles and milkshakes galore! They also have Sunday brunch too.

Surprisingly Worthing is full of Instagram opportunities. From the pier filled with vintage arcade games, to using your walk along the seafront to get the perfect shot of your ice-cream and chips, it's a rather good chance to go a little bit Martin Parr on your followers. If that's not quite your style use the varying architecture to ensure some great outfit shots. I love how bold and colourful the Worthing car park is, it apparently took 600 cans of spray paint to complete! Check out the local website to see what's going on that weekend, during the summer they had a great food festival as well as a fireworks display on the pier. 


  1. Worthing seems like a lovely seaside town! Never been there, but I of course love Brighton so I am sure I would enjoy spending a relaxing day by the sea in Worthing, especially if it has lots of restaurant options. Thank you for sharing!

    Julia x
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    1. Brighton is soo much fun, and it's so close! Worthing is a little baby version of it :)

  2. Worthing looks so pretty! I have never actually heard of it but it looks really worth a visit

    1. It's very small, but if you're ever in the area there's a few great places to go x


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