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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Falling back in love with Music

Like many people my teenage years were spent being obsessed with music, it completely shaped me as a person and brought together my friends and I. However there came a point in my early twenties when it just didn't interest me. Long gone were the days of me scouring the pages of NME find the best new band, or going to a gig every week, I just simply wasn't that interested. In 2016 a few things in my life changed and one of them was going to see Drake at the O2, this became a pivotal point for me and my relationship with music. I suddenly found that I wanted to be at a gig at least every month and I was interested in hearing new artists and being obsessed with certain songs again. I felt like the old me. I'm not talking about anything particularly cool here, I listen to a lot of pop music and I couldn't tell you who the next up and coming artist is, but I'm happy that my love and excitement for music is back. 

Some current favourites:
Ariana Grande - God is a Woman (this video is amazing)
Drake - Nonstop
Kids see Ghosts - Reborn 
Troye Sivan - Dance to This
Ariana Grande - The light is coming 
ASAP Rocky - Praise the Lord
G-Eazy - 1942
Logic - Everyday
Kanye West - Yikes


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  1. Lovely photos Daisy -❤️🎀🎹🎸🎡 🎧


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