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Monday, 14 May 2018

City Guide: Florence, Italy

A little while ago Dan & I took a flight to not so far away Florence, to get away for his 30th birthday. Despite it being rather drizzly the entire trip, we were well prepared with umbrellas, raincoats and the determination to explore... I hope you enjoy my travel guide filled with plenty of places to eat as what else would you be going to Italy for?

City Guide: Florence, Italy
City Guide: Florence, Italy
City Guide: Florence, Italy
 Il Duomo di Firenze

What to do:

There's so many amazing sites to visit but walking around the city is the best way to explore things! It was this way I discovered a Sephora, a little sad I know but as we don't have them in the UK I always get so excited whenever I see one. Other things which are just as amazing (if not more hehe) are the stunning Bobbli Gardens, The Gucci Garden (I've done a full blog post on that here),  Il Duomo di Firenze we didn't go in as the queue was huge but still amazing and discovering photobooths scattered across Florence. Mercarto Centrale is an indoor street food market and a wonderful place to try lots of food from all over Italy. 
ditta artigianale
Gucci Garden Florence
City Guide: Florence, Italy
City Guide: Florence, Italy

For the gram:

Not is it a tourist hotspot but the Il Duomo di Firenze makes for a wonderful photo, the combination of the green, white and pink stone is bound to fit with anyone's theme. Again The Gucci Garden is going to be getting you plenty of likes on the gram. Looking for the perfect coffee/lunch spot? Go to Ditta Artigianale for delicious latte's, cakes and food. The industrial vibe lends itself to certain vsco filters too. However I found some of my favourite shots from the city when I was just walking around, there's so many amazing buildings to snap and rows of Vespa's that are bound to give you the authentic Italian photo. 

Gusto Pizza Florence
All'Antico Vinaio

Where to eat:

You really are spoilt for choice in Florence, we were lucky enough to be in a foody hotspot. For breakfast try Finisterrae for fresh orange juice, and delicious but cheap pastries! On your way you might just find one of those photobooths I've been talking about too. For some of the best gelato, visit Gelataria Dei Neri, there's so many flavours you might need to take a few trips a day. My favourite was the yogurt and cherry combination, so refreshing. One evening we dined at Foody Farm, a restaurant using only organic and local ingredients, they even made their own ketchup. For such delicious food it's really reasonable and you can even gulp down authentic prosecco for €3 a glass. Finally, if you're looking for a pizza go to Gusto Pizza, it's probably the most popular in the city too. Oh and for those sandwiches you see all over the Florence location on instagram is All'Antico Vinaio. They didn't have any vegetarian ones on the menu they were happy to make one up for me. 


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  1. There must be so so much to see in Florence! I'd love to visit for the museums, churches and gardens - and the food of course! Everything is so instagrammable, which makes it also great haha. Your pictures are lovely!

    Julia x
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