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Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Best Glittery Make-Up

A good few years ago now, when I first started this blog, it began as a beauty blog. The direction of I am Daisy-Alice has changed into more of a travel and style site but my love for beauty didn't die, in someways it's grown much more. I spend a lot of time reading and watching videos about what's new in beauty, as well as buying and trying new products. Despite not being amazing at make-up, (especially on other people) it's something I really love and there's something that makes me very excited when I discover a new sparkly eye-shadow. So here are a few of my favourite (glittery) things... 

Tom Ford - Cream Colour for Eye, Sphinx
I've mentioned this a few times on my blog now, but this cream eyeshadow has a gorgeous duo-chrome effect to it, I use this to layer on top of a neutral shadow to give it an extra pop. Whenever I wear it I always get so many compliments, and it is a really easy product to use as the metallic sheen is noticeable but without being over the top. Sadly this is the only product in this list that isn't cruelty free as do they sell to China, fingers crossed one day they change their minds!

Stila - Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette
I was given this highlighting palette last Christmas and I have to say it is one of my favourite presents I was given, especially for the lilac shade (Transcendence). It is so gorgeous and unique, totally different to anything else I've tried. I love that with the set, there's three really gorgeous shimmery shades that can be used all year round. I really enjoyed using the bronze shade on my shoulders and decolletage when I was on holiday. The rose gold shade (Kitten) also comes in an eye-shadow form and is one of my all time favourite shadows so I was excited to see it as a highlighter. I've not use that shade as much, but it does a lovely job of warming up the face. 

Winky Lux - Glimmer PH Balm

Winky Lux - Glimmer PH Balm
I am totally in love with this balm, I was given it as a belated birthday present by my friend Jo and I was so excited when I saw how sparkly it was! When you apply the balm to the lips, it goes from clear to a pink shade depending on your bodies PH. You can hardly see the sparkle so it makes it a really wearable way to have a bit of glitter throughout the day.

Urban Decay - Moondust Eyeshadow, Soltice
Made with super fine pigments and topped with micro-fine iridescent sparkle, this eyeshadow is unlike any other shadow I've tried. Although it's quite finely milled it feels like a cream, but it goes on the lid like a regular powder, for intense colour and best application use your finger. This photo does not do it any justice, but it's a mixture of fuschia, blue, silver and green! As they say on the website "it's multi-dimensional, grown-up sparkle at its best."

Urban Decay -  Heavy Metal Glitter Liner, Distortion
I have to say, I think Urban Decay create some of the best metallic/glitter products out there. I use this liner as a super sparkly inner highlight when going on a big night out or, on top of my every day black cateye liner if I'm feeling a little fancy! I'd been on the hunt for something like this for ages, and Kiko Cosmetics do a pretty good dupe, but I this one is better, there's much more depth and colour range in the reflection.

Ciate London - Glitter Flip, Candy

Ciate London - Glitter Flip, Candy (Sold Out)
This is the newest piece to my glitter collection, so I've only worn it a few times but it's such a fun lipstick to have in your collection. When applied the lipstick appears slightly metallic but also matte at the same time, however once dried you press your lips together and it will activate the glitter effect! It's a totally unique product, I have no idea how it works but it's so much fun and all of your friends are bound to want to try it themselves. I first saw this on my favourite beauty vlogger Chloe Morello's channel so if you want to see how it works you can see that video here

The Best Glittery Make-Up
The Best Glittery Make-Up

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