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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April Favourites

I've not done one of these for a very long time, so I thought this weeks blog post could be a Spring/April favourites! There's no theme to this favourites, just things I've been loving lately. If you want to see a few more of my beauty obsessions why not take a look at my holy grail beauty products post I did recently? Enjoy! 

Sex and The City:
Recently my sister came home from uni for the Easter break and we decided to have a girly evening in and see what Carrie and the girls were up to in NYC. I've seen the series before but it's fair to say we both become quickly obsessed (again). I've been all about wearing hoops and my name necklace ever since...

Rainbow bikinis:
Oh look, I'm talking about Lazy Oaf again. I honestly should invest in this company as I buy from them all of the time. A few weeks ago I saw they were launching their swimwear range and I wanted something from the collection last year but just couldn't justify it but then until I saw this! I really wanted a rainbow bikini for my holiday year and when I saw this in the preview for the range I was so excited! The colours are so bright and fun, I don't care that it's a bit of a throwback to my 90s childhood (or maybe that's why I love it so much)! 

As you may or may not know I've been having a bit of a tricky time with my skin recently. I've tried a few different masks, face washes and exfoliants and I just wasn't having much luck. During a little trip to Boots I picked up this brush from Botanics and have been using it with this Caudalie foaming face wash (which at first I really didn't like). During the last couple of weeks I've really noticed a difference, my breakouts don't seem to be as half as bad and they seem to be fading quicker too. I can't say it's cured it my breakout issues completely but it's definitely helping right now. 

Last year I kept a scrapbook and absolutely loved it, it was so nice to look back at the end of 2016 at all of the lovely things I'd done in that year. Sometimes it's easy to get down in the dumps by what you're not doing but this really helped me to see how many adventures I'd been on and the fun things I'd done. So this year I've decided to regress back to my 14 year old self and keep a diary. I spend 10 minutes a day reflecting on what I'd been up to that day, whether it was positive or negative. I'd really recommend doing this, it's nice to have some time away from my phone or laptop. I'm looking forward to the end of the year and seeing what was going on then or even going through it again in a few years time! 

Instax camera & film:
Following on from my previous love, my instax camera is something that I've had for a few years and absolutely adore it. I used it so much when putting together my scrapbook last year and I feel sad that I've only used it twice this year so far! I spend far too much money on buying super Kawaii instax film from Hong Kong but I just have to make sure I have a good stock of hello kitty film you know? 

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  1. I also totally recommend having a diary! It's such a nice way to create memories and read back a few months later to remember the nice things you've done. Adding photos inside makes it even nicer to flick through! I had to look twice to realise the rainbow thingy was a bikini haha, the colours are really fun and the frills are great! I've never checked out Lazy Oaf, maybe I should then? :P

    Julia x
    Last Post: Spring in Warwick, England |

  2. I love keeping a diary and have done ever since writing them throughout my school years. I haven't seen Sex and the City in ages, so I'll definitely have to watch the films at some point!

    Kayleigh |


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