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Friday, 6 January 2017

What does 2017 mean for blogging?

2016 was meant to be the year that I put a lot of effort into my blog and really made it into something. In some ways I feel like I've definitely done that, I'm really pleased with a lot of the content I've published however I wish I'd made more and in all honesty I wish my followers had grown a little bit more. I know blogging isn't all about the numbers, but I do think it's important to grow so you know that people are reading and enjoying your content. I think 2016 was quite a strange year for bloggers and creators, as Instagram blogging & YouTubers seems to be more popular than ever, leaving us more "traditional" bloggers in a bit of a weird place. I did a Twitter poll earlier on this year around this subject and I was surprised by the results, for the first day people were answering with 'I no longer read or follow blogs' but right at the last minute the results flipped and it finished with 74% people saying they still did actively read blogs. I know that personally I do still read blogs but I find myself on YouTube for longer and more often. 

I'd be really interested to know the thoughts from my own readers on this subject plus what blog posts you enjoy the most from me? Is it fashion, travel, baking, beauty or something else you've seen me talk about? Let me know! P.S Happy new year! 


  1. Good luck for the new year ! xxx


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