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Sunday, 22 May 2016

A review of the CitizenM hotel - Amsterdam

Citizen M - Amsterdam reviewCitizen M - Amsterdam review
Citizen M - Amsterdam review
Citizen M - Amsterdam reviewCitizenM Amsterdam review
CitizenM Amsterdam reviewCitizenM Amsterdam review
Citizen M - Amsterdam review

A mini review of CitizenM – Amsterdam

One of the things that made my trip lovely was my stay at CitizenM Amsterdam. It was easily one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in, I absolutely loved everything about it. I adored that there were photography books in the lobby from some of my favourite artists including David LaChapelle and Tom Ford. They don’t offer room service but there’s 24 hour fridges stocked with treats, beers, soft drinks and a make your own room picnic (!!!) if you do fancy a midnight snack. 
The best thing about the hotel was the bed, it's absolutely massive and literally stretches from wall to wall, it's the perfect place to collapse into after a long day of exploring. What's more, you can use the rooms ipad to catch up on the latest films, during my stay I watched Big Hero 6 and Trainwreck. The ipad in the room also can control the colour of the lights in your room, the temperature of the room and turning off the lights. You never need to leave your bed! Everyone who worked there was extremely helpful and they didn't try and make you spend any extra money at the hotel. On our way home we were even advised to take public transport than to get a really expensive taxi to the airport. I'd really recommend staying at the CitizenM hotel and I'm even thinking of staying in one for my next trip to New York (once I start planning it). 

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  1. This sounds amazing! I am just coming back from Amsterdam and had a fab Airbnb.

    Holly at xx


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