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Monday, 7 March 2016

Beverly Hills Vacation

I'm back, for now! As you may or may not have noticed, I've not posted in a little while. That's simply because I’ve not had the time and I’ve not got anything to write about. As I said a few posts ago I want to make sure this year I'm putting out content because I want to not because I feel that I have to. Seeing as I absolutely love my new Beverly Hills vacation top from Wildfox and you guys seem to love outfit posts, I'd put this post together. I absolutely adore this top, I've known about the brand, Wildfox for quite a while but couldn't ever justify buying anything from them, over £100 for a pair of PJ’s? I don’t think so. However when I spotted this top on the ASOS website and I immediately fell in love, I popped it in my wishlist and waited for a 20% off code to crop up before snapping it up. Even with the discount it was still quite a lot for a t-shirt but I just love everything about it so I'm pleased that it's now mine!
Yesterday I wore this outfit as I spent the day with my boyfriend celebrating his 28th birthday. As it was Mother's Day weekend we had a difficulties finding things to do as it was all booked up despite wanting to book weeks in advance. We decided to visit the Picturehouse Central cinema and see Hail, Caesar! (FYI I wouldn't recommend it) and then finish off the evening eating at our new favourite restaurant The Ivy, Chelsea Gardens. I absolutely love eating at this place, I've only been twice but I just really like the atmosphere, I feel like I'm eating a fancy restaurant from a 90s film, but I mean that in the best possible way. It's not got exposed brick walls and copper pipes like everywhere else seems to have, there's a really lovely cosy and luxurious feel to the restaurant. My only complaint would be is that the menu is lacking in vegetarian dishes (there's only two options on the main menu) but what they do have is pretty great!
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London fashion bloggersLondon fashion bloggers
black Janoski's for womenWildfox Beverly Hills top
Wildfox Beverly Hills top

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  1. This is so cute, and that shirt looks so comfy! So disappointing that Hail Caesar was a dud, I was thinking about going to see that one!

    Much love
    Jess //

    1. You should still go & see it if you really want to! Don't let me put you off!

  2. That tee is so cute, definitely worth the money - and it's not so gimmicky (like some slogan tees are) that it won't last for years. Shame the film was a bit rubbish, I love George Clooney haha! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    1. Thank you! George Clooney was good in the film, it was just the storyline that was dissapointing.

  3. Love the look, especially the tee !


  4. Love that top!

    xx Alyssa


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