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Monday, 14 September 2015

Hotel Silken Diagonal, Barcelona

It's only been a few days since I've come back from my lovely week long trip to Barcelona. However I'm already wishing I was back there, so to cure my holiday blues I decided to throw myself straight back into blogging. I thought I'd do a little review of the hotel I stayed in, Hotel Silken Diagonal. I had already been to Barcelona once before this trip and knew I wanted to stay in a similar area again, as it's just slightly out of the busy city centre but still super easy to be right in the heart of Barcelona if we wanted. 
The location of the hotel is pretty great, it's literally right next to one of the top tourist spots, the Torre Agbar (as you'll seen in the photos below) making for a lovely view on the hotels rooftop pool and bar. There is also Design museum (which is a must and is only 5 euros for entry), Glories metro station and a shopping centre all a few steps away from you! 

Hotel Silken Diagonal, Barcelona
Hotel Silken Diagonal, Barcelona
Hotel Silken Diagonal roomsHotel Silken Diagonal rooms
Hotel Silken DiagonalBarcelona rooftop pools

About the hotel: 
I was first intrigued by the hotel because of the design of the lobby. Every time I looked 'Barcelona hotels' online I would spot the glistening copper interior of the reception area and the bar. The design of the hotel and the rooms have a super clean and modern feel to it, nothing like I would have in my home, but it suits the hotel perfectly! We were lucky enough to be told on arrival that our room had been upgraded so my boyfriend and I were pretty excited about this and it was such a lovely surprise. The room itself was great, the perfect place to stay for a city break (or a week long break like us) in Barcelona, I loved having the big windows in our room to peek through in the mornings. The hotel room was always spotless, we were given new bottled water every day, the toiletries were also topped up each day for us and more importantly the staff were friendly.
However there were two things I found a little unusual about the hotel, the bed only had one pillow for the each of us on the first night, so we had to ask for an extra one to be sent up the next morning. I find usually hotel beds have too many pillows on! The second point, and this may just be a problem for us Brits, is that there was no kettle to for us to make tea or coffees. I've never been in a hotel where they've not had this! However it did mean we explored some of the local cafes each morning and stopped us lying in until noon...
One of my favourite things about the hotel was the rooftop bar and pool, a couple of nights we popped up for a mojito or beer and soaked up the lovely feeling of being on holiday. As well as taking the time to look at the pretty impressive views. Although the bar is a little pricey 10 euros for a mojito and around 5 euros for a beer, it's nothing more than you would expect to pay in a bar in London, so it came a no shock to us. The price was totally worth it as the mojito was huge and the views/ambiance made it more than worth while. I know that during the summer they have parties and DJ's up there so it would be a great hotel to stay in with a group of your best friends. 

 Torre Agbar Barcelona
Barcelona rooftop pools
Barcelona rooftop bars
Barcelona rooftop bars

Have you been to Barcelona? Let me know in the comments below. Check out my other Barcelona blog posts from last year including; Las Ramblas and my review of ice cream shop, Eyescream and Friends.


  1. This hotel is looking amazing


  2. This hotel is incredible! A little far away from the centre for my liking, but still gorgeous! x

    Martha Jane |

    1. Thank you! I'd love to know where you recommend staying?


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