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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Biscuiteers Fashionista Collection.

Biscuiteers fashionista tin
All photos in this post have been kindly lent to me by Biscuiteers
As some of you may or may not know I work for a pretty cool company called Biscuiteers, I've mentioned them a whole bunch of times on my blog so I'd be pretty surprised if you hadn't seem me write about them before. A couple of months ago they launched their Fashionista collection, full of amazing hand-iced biscuits all themed around pieces from fellow blogger and Poppy D's BFF Alice Naylor-Leyland's wardrobe. Sounds amazing right? I was lucky enough to be involved with the campaign as I had the task of photographing the designing process, the event and the final product! It was such a great experience to be involved with something so exciting, especially after only joining the team a few months beforehand. I'm sure you'll agree that the tin is absolutely incredible, a few of my favourite biscuits include: the flamingo bag, red heart sunglasses, the rose gold lipstick (of course) and the leopard print shoes. If I'm totally honest it's possibly my favourite tin that they do, it's just so stylish and totally depicts British style! So if you have a best friends birthday coming up, know someone who loves fashion or simply just fancy treating yourself to something extra special, this is the perfect biscuit collection for you! 
Charlotte Olympia pom pom shoesflamingo bag
Alice Naylor-LeylandBiscuiteers fashionista tin

In late June the tin was launched in the Notting Hill boutique, and I have to say it was possibly the one of the best events Biscuiteers have ever held! I was racing around all night trying to get all of the best photos for the Biscuiteers bake love blog. There was a great atmosphere throughout the shop, which made me even more excited to capture buzz during the event. It was a really great night and was truly amazing to see all the hard work that had gone into the tin to finally come to life, even better to see it be loved so much by everyone who came. Guests included Mary Charteris, Tamera Beckwith, Marissa Hermer, Alice Naylor-Leyland, Princess Beatrice of York and Charlotte Dellal aka Charlotte Olympia (I had a slight fan girl moment when she walked in but some how managed to keep my cool, just don't ask me how...) I left the event feeling a excited and exhausted but I had tummy full of biscuits as well as a camera bursting with photos that I so was excited to share the rest of the team. Who could really complain? 

Biscuiteers Biscuit popsMary Charteris
Charlotte DellalBiscuiteers Fashionista tin

I do work for Biscuiteers however I wanted to write this blog post and I was not asked to do it. I am just completely obsessed with the tin and wanted to share it with you all! I mean who could blame me? It's amazing!


  1. What a great tin, such lovely biscuits and I love the touch of fun from the flamingo. I do love Biscuiteers biscuits (you're so lucky to work there!).

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

    1. I have to agree, I think the Flamingo is such a good idea for a biscuit!


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