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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Things to do in London.

guy bourdin somerset house
guy bourdin somerset house
guy bourdin somerset houseguy bourdin somerset house
guy bourdin somerset houseguy bourdin somerset house
guy bourdin somerset house

Some of you may or may not know that last year I completed my degree in photography, specialising in Fashion. So when I heard that Somerset House was hosting the largest fashion photography exhibition in UK of Guy Bourdin, one the most influential photographers, I just knew I had to go. The exhibition is incredibly diverse including editorials, advertorials, film and black and white images. My favourite set of images were the four in the photo above, I loved how they all looked together and they really sum up Bourdin's photographic style; bright, bold and feminine. I also think he had a bit of a thing for legs, if you visit the exhibition you'll notice this is a strong theme throughout. I visited the exhibition on a Saturday and considering it was in the afternoon in one of the busiest city's there wasn't many people there, which was great for me as I got to look at each photo for as long as I liked. As well as it being an amazing exhibition, it's supported by NARS which meant there was a little make up stand in the exhibition shop, perfect for you beauty bloggers! Somerset House always hosts the most amazing photography shows, I just hope one day I get to see David LaChapelle's work there! Guy Bourdin: Image Maker is on until 15th March.

meat market menu meat market review
inside meat market
meat marketmeat market
meat market vegetarian cheese fries meat market

After wondering around the exhibition for so long my boyfriend and I had began to work up a huge appetite, and what better way to fill it with a trip to Meat Market. I've always been apprehensive to go because as a veggie the words 'Meat Market' don't really fill me with confidence. However after taking at the carbs filled menu, I found that there was plenty for me to eat. We picked up a few treats including; Cheese fries, deep fried mac 'n' cheese bites and the Dead Hippie Burger (for him). They have some amazing sound cocktails there too, I really loved the sound of 'Brainfreeze'; a strawberry, mango or passion fruit sorbet with tequila topped off with a splash of lemonade. Sounds like the perfect drink to cool down with in the summer. Located in the heart of Covent Garden it means that after refueling there are plenty of shops to dip in and out of and get a feel of London. One of my favourite shops to visit is Kate Spade tucked away in Langley Court, it's full of cute accessories to lust over! Of course whilst you're in the area don't forget to visit Cybercandy where you can find tonnes of American treats and Soda's. Then finally visit traditional British sweet shop Hope and Greenwood to stock up on sweets to gobble on the train journey home. 


  1. I've just started a "Made in March" healthy eating plan this month but, those deep fried Mac n Cheese bites may have just tipped me over the edge! (Yup it is only 1st March - I'm failing badly!)
    Paige x

    1. I'm sorry! I've tried to be healthier this week too but it's SO hard!


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