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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Easter at Marks and Spencer's!

Easter Marks and spencers
marks and spencer easter
I've decided to try and get in a bit early with my Easter themed posts this year, although I do have an exciting baking post which should be up soon (if all goes to plan). Easter could possibly one of my favourite occasions of the year, other than Christmas (of course). It combines chocolate and rabbits, two things I absolutely love! I get very excited as it approaches as it means I can purchase all things rabbit related, I truly am the rabbit version of a 'crazy cat lady'. After coming home from work one day I found a small box on my bed from the by the lovely people at M&S. As I excitedly ripped it open and tore through the tissue paper I found plenty of Easter goodies inside, including chocolate eggs, gummy carrots and mini hot cross buns. I particularly like the chick chocolate lollipop that I found inside my package, the little fluffy head detail is just so sweet! I think M&S are great at making small gifts for kids, these lollipops would be perfect as part of an Easter egg hunt. I also loved the little carrots sweeties, but unfortunately they were unsuitable for vegetarians, so I grudgingly handed them out to my family who informed me that they were delicious! I noticed when grabbing a few snacks in M&S a few weeks ago that they do actually do have some vegetarian jelly rabbits available, which makes me so happy as I love jelly sweets but veggie ones are so hard to find! I've also spotted a delicious looking honeycomb Easter egg, so if anyone is stuck with what egg to get me this year they should now know where to go...

This post was creared in collaboration with M&S


  1. This is looking so adorable !


  2. Cute photos :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.


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