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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Charlotte Tilbury, Dolce Vita

charlotte tilbury dolce vita
charlotte tilbury dolce vita review
charlotte tilbury dolce vita swatches
Image taken from the Charlotte Tilbury website.
I was lucky enough to get this gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury palette as one of my Christmas presents from my parents. The quad comes with four beautiful shades to create a really smoky look perfect for blue eyes. The first is a pale champagne colour; this is your prep shade, the next is your enhance shade a beautiful sparkly burgundy colour and one of my favourites from the set. If you have green or blue eyes this will really make them pop, especially if used around your waterline. Number three is a warm chocolate brown shadow; this is your smoke shade, use to complete a dramatic daytime look. Finally the last shade is "pop" an amazing copper glitter, Charlotte Tilbury herself said that the best way to use this colour is by using your finger as that way you get the most colour pay off! Therefore creating a gorgeous smokey eye without using any black, this will make the whole make up look a lot warmer and natural on the face, despite all of the glitter. (The first image in this post shows the shades as they would appear in real life.)
I've spotted this doing the rounds on the beauty blogs for a while but I wasn't sure if I could justify spending close to £40 for it. So straight on the Christmas wish list it went. The packaging is lovely and I really love the little star sketch in the top right corner of the mirror. However when I opened the palette for the first time one of the eye shadows fell out, which is quite disappointing for a luxury brand. Luckily it's nothing a bit of superglue can't fix but I still expected a bit better. Despite that small fault I would really recommend this palette especially if you're looking to get someone a gift, as it's not something that you might necessarily buy something yourself due to the price tag. This has already gone straight into my make up bag as I know I can rely on it to take me from day to night and the shadows can still create amazing looks when used on their own. 

Buy the palette here: (I've popped a good alternative from The Body Shop in there too!)



  1. These colours look amazing! I've always loved admiring Charlotte Tillbury's eye shadow palettes :)

    Tosin x

  2. These shades are looking so gorgeous !


  3. I have never tried Charlotte Tilbury but I have been seeing a lot of reviews on their products lately! The colors in this palette look so great! (:

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. She honestly has such an amazing selection of products. Go & swatch them if you can!

  4. The colors are beyond gorgeous!

  5. This is such a beautiful palette, I love CT makeup & this is defo top of my wish list right now!!

    Jasmine |


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