Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Black for spring?

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I've been back in London during this Easter break, and as much as I think Birmingham has some great spots, I always am and always will be a Londoner. London is simply the best. What can beat walking down the Kings Road or wandering around Soho on a sunny day? You can follow my adventures on my instagram account here.

Today's post is a bit more of a fancy outfit for you all! Starting off with the top,  I got this last week when I was purchasing a few accessories and other clothing pieces for a photo shoot I did recently. I saw this hanging up in Topshop and knew I had try it on as it was right up my street. As I'm sure you can tell I love it. I think it's actually quite flattering and will be really versatile for the UK's spring weather!
However my favourite thing about the outfit is these shoes! I picked these up a few weeks ago after spotting them on one of my favourite bloggers The Londoner. These are probably my dream shoes, I was a huge Wizard of Oz fan as a child (and still am). I think the shoes epitomise Dorothy. I'm slightly scared to wear them as they're so pretty and I really don't want to get them dirty, so I'll have to save them for extra special occasions. Anyone got any tips on how to protect fabric/cavas shoes? I'd really love to hear them!

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You can shop the post here!


  1. I love the look !

  2. Such cute shoes!!! Following xx


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