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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Because I played the fool for you

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the great frog ring blogger
All clothes c/o Uniqlo, Ring - The Great Frog, Watch - Dan's own and sunglasses - Primark

So you might have noticed something a little bit different than usual. I'm not the one on in the photos, this time I'm behind the camera! This post is brought to you in collaboration with Uniqlo letting you guys know all about the person behind the camera, in my case it's my boyfriend Dan. So lets hand it over to the man himself for his tips and tricks on taking the perfect blogger photos...

"I wouldn't at all call myself a photographer of any sort, but I do have some tricks I often use when helping Daisy out with her blog photos. First off, I’m a bit inpatient so when shooting outside I like to use the auto setting more often than not (cheater). The unpredictable weather over here can mean a cloud, wind or rain totally changes the feel of a photo. It will also effect how Daisy will pose or change her outfit slightly. Even if this isn't what she had in mind, you can often end up with an unexpected gem of a photograph. 

When shooting inside or at night, things get a bit more technical; the auto settings don’t often react well to artificial lighting that you can’t control. So seeing as Daisy has more knowledge, I just let her set the camera the way she likes and I snap away. The final photos are edited very subtly by Daisy and make all the difference.

Daisy knows how she likes to pose. After shooting her plenty of times, I've become a bit of a dab hand at noticing the finer details on an outfit, make-up or hair and she takes directions really well if I point out something that doesn't look right . . . which makes things easier for me."

So that's it, I hope you liked this post and found some tips you'd might like to try out for yourself! I'll be back next week with a lifestyle and fashion post! 


  1. Very nice look !

  2. I love this post. So nice to see the person behind the camera.

    Beth x


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