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Sunday, 27 October 2013

V x M

I was looking through old photography work from this year and completely forgot to add these to the photography section of my blog. This was my first time shooting fashion using "male models", so for my first time I'm pretty pleased how these came out & they were great to work with. These pictures follow up from the very loose theme of 90's fashion from other two photo shoots but, are more focused on trying to test my skills technically rather the aesthetically. A few weeks later I was lucky enough to do a photo shoot in the famous Holborn Studios were I was working with another photographer from my course.

brighton mens fashionmale fashion 90's photography

yellow raincoat primark mens fashiondaisy kent photography

somerset house london mens fashion

These photos were taken in Brighton and around London for a  recent university project.

90s fashion style photography

primark fashion 90s styling

 Shot in Holborn Studios, London.

I'd love to know what you think whether it's good or bad as it's always useful to get feedback, also if you're interested in seeing some more of my work and what I get up to this year please let me know!


  1. These are some really lovely photos. I love the few with the photos layered over other photos (all technical words seem to have lost my brain).


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