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Friday, 23 August 2013

Barcelona part two: Antoni Gaudí

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Sagrada Famillia barcelonasagrada famillia gaudi blogger barcelona
I've decided to combine two days together on which I visited two of Barcelona's famous landmarks. Day one we visited the Sagrada Famillia, and our second day we visited Parc Guell. 
Just a word of warning if you're planning on visiting the Sagrada Famillia you need to pre-book tickets to avoid a 3 hour queue. If you're planning on using the lift so you can go up further inside the cathedral you also need to get tickets for that too (as we found out that we weren't able to use the lift despite having tickets for the church, there's a separate ticket for the lift!)  Despite all the hassle the inside was pretty incredible and very different to it's crazy exterior.
Sagrada Famillia barcelona
Sagrada Famillia windows
Sagrada Famillia windows

On our way to Parc Guell I fell in love with these polka dot flamenco shoes that loads of the tourist shops were selling. I wish they had them in my size and until my future child can wear these I satisfied my polka dot craving by buying a fan instead.

polka dot flamenco shoes
parc guell hill
review of parc guell

After a long few days of walking around Barcelona's famous landmarks, a traditional Spanish dinner of a huge glass of sangria and paella was much needed. Although I didn't particularly enjoy the paella if I'm honest, it was just a bit to "fishy" for me.

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  1. love the look and the pictures !

  2. I love looking at all your photo's. Love even more than you managed to take pictures of what Amy and I went too. Like reliving it all! Hope you had a nice time girl xx


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