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Friday, 16 August 2013

Barcelona part one: Las Ramblas

For the first few days in Barcelona we wondered around the area near the hotel and gathered our bearings, we stayed in a really nice up and coming area called Poblenou. Which is where we ate and went out most evenings. As it is so quick and easy to get into the city centre we decided to visit one of the biggest shopping and market areas, Las Ramblas. I loved wandering through the markets and seeing what they had to offer, it was a bit like being back home in London and walking around Borough Market. Although I did see some pretty unusal things from Hello Kitty ice-cream to pigs heads.

las ramblas barcelona bloggers

As we came towards the end of the main road we realised that we were near Port Olympic which was one of my favourite areas of Barcelona. As I was walking down the sea front in 30 degree heat  I didn't feel like I was only 2 hours away from rainy England. The area rivals Los Angles famous Venice beach, with locals whizzing around on electric scooters, bikes and roller skates, some of the beaches even have an outside gym. 
Later on that evening after having a small siesta after returning to our hotel, we walked down Rambla de Poblenou to one of the best places to eat in the area Cafe Blu. I had one of the most delicous pizza's I've ever had accompained by my favourite cocktail, a mojito. Although not authentic Spanish food, I have to admit that these pizza's pretty amazing!

barcelona bloggers

barcelona port olimpic blogger

barcelona cafe blu

I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved being there. I have two more Barcelona posts coming up including one about an amazing ice-cream parlor/shop.

Here's what I wore:


  1. I love Las Ramblas ! Barcelona is a really cool place ! Your pictures are great !

    1. It is, There's still so much of it I want to see! Thankyou!

  2. Lovely post. Makes me want to go back to Barca!


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