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Saturday, 13 October 2012

What I've been up to #9 & #10

1. I squealed a bit when i saw one of my favourite YouTube'rs had retweeted one of my photos, 2. & 3. A night out with some of my flatmates, 4. Me and my boyfriend had a night in and treated ourselves to two for Tuesdays  5. Rekorderlig, 6. Baking on my day off, 7. Tickets to see Looper, 8. I had another Domino's with my flat mate (this is not going to become a weekly thing I promise!) and 9. An afterwork treat.

1. Trying to be healthy, 2. My friend brought these cupcakes back with her from her sister's baby shower, they're so cute! 3. Cat onesie from Primark, 4. The massive Tesco delivery, 5. Gossip Girl is back! 6. Halloween treat's I brought for my family, 7. OOTD, 8.Cocktails are Bar 55, and 9. Seeing my favourite band in London, Lower than Atlantis.


  1. I love these kinds of posts :) That cupcake is so precious! What do you use to create the collage for these? xo

  2. New follower of your blog x


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