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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Money is the anthem, of success. So put on mascara, and your party dress...

Lana Del Rey has been the It girl of 2012, from having a Mullberry bag named and designed after her (every girl's dream) to conquering the world with her music, you can see why it's been a good year. With the release of her beautiful ten minute long music video for her new song Ride (which you can see here), I thought I would chose my top 5 outfits and a make-up look of hers.

1. Modelling for H&M UK, 2. Showing off her signature look, the perfect mix of vintage and current fashion, 3. A still from her music video - Blue Jeans, 4. A shot from a spread by Terry Richardson for T magazine and 5.  An image from her Vogue cover shoot.

Apart from being complete gorgeous Lana has caught the attention of the industry in other ways, her style is unique to the typical solo pop artist "look". As mentioned before she has the perfect mix of fifties/sixties retro styling with a twist modern trends and not  to forget those nails! I absolutely love her style if I could have anyone's style it would be hers. During the day time you often see her in converse, jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a checked shirt (which is what I basically live in, if I'm not in in my pajamas's). However when it comes to night time she completely transforms herself into a modern girl with old school Hollywood style.

She recently shone with her outfit and make-up choice at the 2012 Met Ball with her Gothic/Vamp look predicting the very popular dark berry lip trend for autumn winter 2012. This look is a little bit different from her usual winged out liner and nude lip. To re-create this look I would go for a foundation that would give a good coverage to really add emphasis to the lip colour, however you can tell by this image that she has very good skin, so a light/medium foundation would probably have been used.

Very light contouring has been used on her cheeks but no bronzer or blush has been used to fit with the look. For the eyes, the top lid has been lined with a soft black eye-shadow or pencil. In the crease there is a light use of contouring with a medium brown, then blended and of course black mascara. The most important part of this look is the dark oxblood red lips, (also this seasons go to colour for many shops such as Topshop and ASOS, it is everywhere!) Possible lipsticks used for this look could be; Tom Ford's lip colour in Black Orchid or M.A.C - Diva. If I was to create this look using the products I have in my make-up bag, I would have to use my Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry (bottom swatch) or my ELF mineral lipstick in Royal Red (top swatch).

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you interested seeing more of  these posts (and who you'd like them to be of please) let me know in the comments below!
P.S I've re-named my blog Daisy-Boo and I'm just working on getting a new header, what do you think shall I keep or go back to my old one?

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