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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lush Purchases: Party Girl & Dragon Egg

I always feel intrigued by Lush and always want to go in and be a massive fan but for some reason I never go in or just simply forget about it. So the other day I had a bit of time to kill whilst wating for a train and thought it was the perfect time for a quick trip to Lush. I decided on buying two of their famous bath bombs; Space Girl and Dragon's Egg, and it is fair to say I am in love. 
These two bath bombs both have a sherbety scent to them, space girl smells like a cross between parma violets and love hearts and dragon's egg bath bomb has a hint of refreshers, I clearly love a sherbety sweet. I find some of the more fruity or spicy scents a little bit too over powering.
The website describes Dragon's Egg as "Like an everlasting gobstopper, this ballistic keeps on revealing layer upon layer of surprises. It gives up its gifts in an unfolding drama, leaving you in a bath of molten gold. Along the way you will experience a firework display of colour, a fiery crackle of popping candy, a swirling landscape of creamy foam and a drift of paper dragon scales." I really love this bath bomb it made my sunday night bath so fun, I felt like a kid again. However I will say that if you are not a fan of glitter this is perhaps not the right one for you, I came out of  the bath and I was covered in gold glitter and to be honest I still am, (not that I'm complaining).
Space Girl is also pretty cool, it contains space dust/popping candy to fit with its "out of this world" theme and it's sweet scent almost stops my cravngs for my favourite sweets.
Next on my Lush to buy list are two bath bombs from their christmas collection, Party Popper and Golden Wonder, I've heard pretty good reviews about the Golden Wonder and I'm pretty sure if I loved Dragon's Egg then I'll like this one!

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