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Friday, 7 September 2012

Review: Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Intensive Mask

I picked up this mask a few weeks ago in Superdrug as I saw it was half price (£1.95) and have been after a good hair mask/conditioning treatment for a while, as I have long hair and use straighteners often.

I don't know much about hair care and brought this product solely on the price as it was pretty cheap. It says on the tub that you use this product almost as a replacement to your conditioner and just to use shampoo, so of course with my first try at using this product I completely ignored it and used my conditioner. My hair (when it was still wet/damp) afterwards felt amazing, really smooth and soft. However after drying it and waking up the next day my hair felt a bit greasy almost if I’d left hair wax or hair spray in it, so I was pretty disappointed as I was expecting the product to be okay and not to leave my hair feel greasy after I had just washed it!

A few days later I decided to try the mask again but to just use my shampoo this time, then leave the mask on for around 5 minutes before washing out (I did this also the last time). When washing the mask out I could already notice a difference my hair felt a lot lighter than the last time and was incredible smooth and soft. I left my hair to dry naturally that night and woke up with hair that was sleek and had no tangles! Just by looking at my hair I could genuinely notice a difference, it looked a lot healthier and was really shiny.
With regards in how you are meant to use the hair mask it says that it is for use once a week and just to resume your normal hair routine in the week and in between washes.
Over all I am pretty impressed with this mask especially as I paid under £2 for it and it does seems to work. The only doubts I have about hair masks not just this one but in general is that, are they any different to using a conditioner? Would I get the same results if I left a conditioner on my hair for 5 minutes? And does paying more money mean better quality?
I would love to know if any of you have tried out any hair masks and found they've worked or not or if you have any that you would recommend.

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