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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

My Top 5 YouTuber's

I've been wanting to do this post for a while as I'm an avid YouTube watcher and I thought it would be interesting if I shared my favourite Vloggers with you and why I watch them. I watch a mixture of fashion, food, beauty and everyday life videos but my main interest is beauty and is what actually urged me to start this blog!

Pixi2woo/Tanya Burr: 
Tanya is possibly my favourite make-up girl on YouTube, her tutorials are so easy to follow, are always make up looks that I want to try and are actually wearable. When I started watching youtube videos she was one of the first people I subscribed too and I'm so glad I did, she's so bubbly and makes you feel like you are watching one of your friends. Another great thing about her videos are that she uses a range of products from collection to tom ford and then will often give dupes for more expensive products to make her looks more accessible.

Fleur De Force:
Fleur is not a professional make up artist like Tanya Burr but a "beauty guru" so she tends to do beauty product reviews and beauty or fashion hauls. As well as her main channel she also has two others: Fleur De Vlog and Bride De Force, which are also great to watch as you feel that you really get to know her. She recently got engaged and has made Bride De force with her sister who is an event manager, these videos are so fun to watch even if you're not engaged or anywhere being close to getting married. They're such an easy watch and if you're a bit nosey like me, you just want to see how she's planning her wedding. 

Miss Glamorazzi:
Ingrid is surprisingly the only American I have chosen to put into my top 5 YouTuber's, which is crazy as there is so many of them out there. I really enjoy her videos as they're always so well put together and she is such a likeable person. Like Fleur she is a beauty guru and started off doing product reviews and hauls, but has branched out into fashion videos and a great series of do it yourself videos called glam it yourself which are so original and really easy to follow. As well as this channel she also has a vlog channel called The Grid Monster which shows more of her everyday life in L.A. 

Sorted Food:
This is my favourite cookery channel on youtube, the team at Sorted are a very funny and talented group of friends and really know how to connect with their audience. I love their videos as they come up with really great recipes and have a really good website to go along with the channel, where you are able to build up your own recipe book out of their videos. My favourite recipes of theirs have to be the rhubarb crumble cake and the Greek salmon parcels, which I'm still yet to make but they sound so tasty and looked amazing. I find myself watching all of their videos even the ones with meat in as they always have good tips in and is interesting which ingredients they mix together. I just ordered their recipe book which has recently come out and I'm very excited to get it and can't wait to get stuck in. 

The Style Diet/ The Saccone-Joly's:

Anna Saccone's personal fashion and beauty channel is The Style Diet, I was recommend to try out this channel by a friend and to be honest I wasn't sure about it at first but she gradually grew on me and now she is one of my favourite people on YouTube. She is so gorgeous and seems to down to earth and her videos reflect this. I started watching her a few months before she announced she was pregnant and have been watching her and her husbands videos on "The Saccone-Joly's" channel following the pregnancy ever since. They upload half an hour videos every day following their life and are addictive! They're currently in labour and I'm so excited for the birth of Emilia!

I hope you've enjoyed this post and that I've introduced you to some new channels, I'd love to know if you had any suggestions, I'm always looking for new people to watch!

I've done a updated post which you read here!

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  1. I love Fleur and Anna - they're for sure in my top 5! Haven't heard of the Sorted Food one, so will for sure check them out! xo


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