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Sunday, 12 August 2012

My day out in Falmouth

This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post, just to warn you now. As you may or may not know I recently took a short break to cornwall with my family to escape some of the supposed madness of the London Olympics. On our last day we took the local train to the town of falmouth and explored what it  had to offer, I've been to falmouth a few times as my family are from cornwall but it was nice to have a good look around and capture my day.

Me and my sister found one of our favourite things, a sweet shop! It was called Candy shakes and sold a mixture of American and old traditional english sweets. At the back of the shop there was a really cool milkshalke bar done in a 50's style which looked so cute, you could pretty much make any flavour milkshake you wanted! I love going into sweet shops, I love all the colours and seeing all the different types of sweets you can buy!

We then went to a lovely tea room called Dolly's although a little bit pricey it's such a lovely place to go and was such a lovely place to be, there was even an adorable dog in a pearl necklace to celebrate the Olympics! I've never been to a tea room before so I'm glad that this one was my first and it sets the bar high for the others I may step foot into. I had a sicillian lemonade and a slice of lemon cake with berries, both of which were delicious. My sister got a hot chocolate which had some dolly mixture's around it which I thought was such a clever and cute idea!

Some of the cakes that were on offer made by the staff themselves; 
chocolate and Guinness cake, lemon cake, pecan pie and banana and toffee cake.

Once the day is over the Dolly's also serves tapas and has a wine bar at night, it's a shame I didn't get to try any of their lunch or tapas menu as i'm sure it's lovely! When i'm next in the area I definately will try  to go here again.


  1. Ah wow, this is so strange for me to read as I actually go to the University of Exeter Cornwall campus, which is in Falmouth! I love Dolly's, it's my favourite place to go for a cup of tea and piece of lovely cake when I'm at Uni! This is making me miss Falmouth so much! Glad you enjoyed it! xox

    1. I know your uni, i've been there once! What do you do there? I've never heard of Dolly's before so it was great to go! I'm jealous it's so near to you!

  2. Eeep I love the sweetshop, looks like my idea of heaven! I used to go to Cornwall all the time, it's such a nice place :)

    Gabby, Tread Softly x

    1. It was so cute, I love sweetshops like this. I'm always looking for new ones to go to! x

  3. wow that's such a cute tea room. I love how there's loads of magazines scattered about, haha.

    I am now following your blog :-)
    Francesca xo

    1. Thanks, i loved it too, gave me a chance to catch up on some much needed fashion news!


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