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Thursday, 12 July 2012

TAG: Empties

As an avid watcher of beauty bloggers on YouTube I’ve seen this tag be passed around quite a lot by bloggers such as Vivianna Does MakeupZoella and llymlrs, so I thought I’d give it ago myself but this time as a blog post, as I don't think I’m quite ready for my YouTube debut. These are products that I’ve either used up completely or very near to finishing.

  • Miracle Moist Aussie Conditioner - I've loved using this conditioner, I took it on holiday to Kavos with me and just fell in love with it, it’s so conditioning and it smells so amazing, I’m completely addicted to this!
  • Moringa shower gel from The Body Shop, again a product that I love because it smells so good, I’ve never heard of Moringa so when I got given a set of body shop mini shower gels I was intrigued to try it and ever since then I’ve just been obsessed with it. I'm going to be sad once I’ve finished this so I'm using it sparingly and I may have to buy the full size.
  • Pink grapefruit shower gel again from The Body Shop, (there seems to be a theme here with my bathroom empties) I love anything that smells like pink grapefruit although I’m not keen on the fruit itself. This is such a good product as this has lasted me a few months as you don't need too much as it lathers up really well.


  • MAC pro longwear concealer - This is something I’ll re-purchase over and over again it's my favourite concealer ever (well, so far!)
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - Again a product that I can't recommend enough, it suits my skin type so well and lasts me all month, although this product doesn't look empty it is, I had a lot of trouble with getting product out of the bottle!
  • Benefit mini High Beam - I got this mini sample free with a glamour magazine ages ago and have only just finished it, it’s lasted me a good while! I would get this again but I was recently given Benefit's Sunbeam highlighter for my birthday and so I’m currently using & loving that.
  • 17 supreme shine nail varnish – in the shade simply pink, such a good product for such little money! I love this colour, it does need a few coats for the colour to become really opaque but it's such a lovely baby pink shade, definitely in my top 5 nail varnishes.


Daisy & Daisy Garland both by Marc Jacobs: I received the original daisy perfume for my 16th birthday and Daisy garland for my 18th birthday, these perfumes have lasted me ages and I’ve only just come to the end with them, the scent is quite strong and lasts quite a while which is good as you don't need to top yourself up too often. To be honest I can't tell that there is much difference between the two scents, or if there was even meant to be a difference? I do like these perfumes but I’m not sure if I’d buy them for myself.


  1. When you finish perfume do you get a little upset? I always mourn the loss of my Chanel... <3

    1. Yes, definately!It's always sad because I want to keep the bottles! You're not alone don't worry!

  2. I love the body shop showergels too, although I haven't tried either of your scents so I'll definitely give them a sniff when I'm next in the shop. I love the mango and mandarin ones at the moment (: xx

    1. I got the mango and mandarian ones in the set i got given too! They're so fruity! x


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