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Friday, 20 July 2012

Beauty Wishlist

1. Essie - Fiji nail polish
Most beauty bloggers have had this as part of their monthly favourite for the last couple of months so it's been a slightly tricky polish to get hold of and you can see why. It's such a lovely nude shade perfect for the summer; it'll look great with a tan (if England ever gets any sun) and will go well with all your outfits and jewellery, as you won't have an issue with clashing colours.

2. Benefit - Hoola bronzer
Just like the NARS Laguna bronzer this has been on my imaginary beauty wish list for a while, after using at a friend’s house when I was 16 and I have wanted it ever since! I love benefit's vintage packaging and just the name sounds appealing.

3. Marc Jacobs - Dot fragrance
This is the latest fragrance by Marc Jacobs and is already causing quite a stir on blogs; it's said to have notes of dragon fruit, red berries, honeysuckle and a hint of coconut. The scent is perfect for summer as it's so fruity and apparently has a real beachy and exotic feel to it. I really dislike the smell of coconut but I’m intrigued to smell this as the notes are an interesting combination, not to mention it has such a gorgeous bottle!

4. the Balm -  Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette
the Balm is an American brand who similarly to Benefit have amazing vintage/retro style packaging, which is what first caught my eye and intrigued me to look further into the brand. This palette was the first product I had heard about from the brand and I think if I was to buy anything from them it would be this! Online the palette has been compared to the Urban Decay Naked palette as it is based around nude/neutral shades. It's quite expensive but has been rated quite highly on beauty sites, so I think it's definitely a good investment piece!

5. Make up Forever - Full Cover Concealer
Again another American brand and product that seems to be very popular with beauty bloggers, I’ve not heard many bad things about Make Up Forever other than that the products are hard to get hold of for UK buyers and that when choosing a shade for your skin they can darken once applied, so be wary of that! The concealer is supposed to be a really amazing full coverage and buildable concealer. I'm really into my concealers and I’m always looking for new ones to try so I’m definitely going to have to try this one!

6. Tesco - Tired leg spray
Makeup artist Hayley Fell posted this on her Instragram and as I currently work in retail I am not stranger to getting tired legs after working 9 hour shifts. So I was intrigued to see what this was and if it actually works and apparently it does and is only £3 from Tesco's!

P.s I've done a slight update on my blog, so you can now use the links/tab at the top, to select to look at all of my past beauty, fashion or recipe posts!


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