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Sunday, 6 May 2012

My May Clothing Wishlist (so far...)



It's only the first week into May and I’ve already constructed a wish list which is slightly worrying and I'm sure I’ll be finding many more items to add to this list, however I think unfortunately a few/most of the items on this list will have to remain a wish list as I need to save up money for my new house next year!
Although out of the list I’d probably have to say if it were to buy any of these items it would have to be the Topshop ankle socks or the American Apparel Disco Pants, which have been on my mental wish list for years but I can't justify paying £70 for them!
The socks on the other hand are a reasonable £3.50 so I may have to give them a cheeky purchase when I’m near a Topshop, they also sell a few other lovely pastel colours! I think they would look great with heels for a night out of with vans or other low rise trainers and rolled up jeans.

I hope you're well & thank you to any new followers! I appreciate you taking the time to follow my blog!

(Update: I've already treated myself to the socks & knickers, unfortunately my Topshop didn't have any lilac left, but I hope to get my hands on them soon!)

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  1. I love that butterfly playsuit! It so pretty!
    I bought some of those frilly socks from Topshop the other day, they were doing 3 for £8! They're such lovely colours, i'm obsessed with pastel at the moment!
    I love your blog, just followed!


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