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Monday, 16 April 2012

My obsession,

Whenever payday comes or my student loan delightfully pops its self in to the bank account the one thing I always end up buying is underwear! I am completely obsessed with it, it can just make you feel so much better if you are having a rubbish day and you know that you have your favourite bra and knickers on, (well this is the case for myself anyway!) There are so many good high street shops such as Topshop and New Look that offer really nice underwear sets or separates for a pretty reasonable price & both offer student discount. Here's a few of my bras favourite from the high street this week.
1. New Look £14.99, 2.Topshop £18.00 & 3. Kelly Brook for New look £14.99

Some more of my favourites but this time from a few more expensive brands, they were so pretty I could  not help but put them in this post, my favourite from this lot has to be the Elle Macpherson Obsidian it's so pretty, I love the lace detail and the grey and dusty pink work so well together!

1.Elle Macpherson Intimates - Obsidian £65.00, 2.Ultimo - La Femme £34.00, 
3. Agent Provocateur - Lorna £85.00 & 4. D&G - £72.00
(1,2 & 4 are all available from

I hope this post has inspired you to go out and treat yourselves to a new bra or underwear set, I know come payday I certainly will.



  1. New Look is probably my favourite place for underwear, it's so cheap but still good quality.

    scousebrows x

  2. I love New Look for underwear! That first bra is so pretty!
    I too always feel so much better with a nice bra and pair of knickers on haha!
    Love Charlie xoxo.


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