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Saturday, 14 April 2012

A recipe for the Japanese dish chirashi-zushi

I came across this dish via a family friend, I had it at their house once and soon as I had one spoonful I simply had to get the recipe, I was in love!

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This is a rice dish made with salmon and avocado is called "chirashi-zusi", it's a bit like a sushi salad and is very easy to make.
But first you need to get a sushi mix from Japanese food store which can be a little bit tricky to get old of, if you're in London try the Japan centre (on Piccadilly) or the Rice-wine shop on Brewer street. The product you want is called "sushi-taro".
First of all cook short grain rice or pudding rice. Rinse it under running water, cook in the same amount of water, bring it to boil then turn the heat right down and put the lid on to cook for about 20-25 minutes. Turn the gas off; leave it to steam for extra 5-10 minutes for the perfection! (Never open the lid until then!) After that you open the 'Sushi-taro" mix it in to cooked rice. Then to add your toppings you can use avocado and smoked salmon which I think the best combination ever and for an extra special touch thinly sliced up omelette, which works really well with the other flavours.
I hope you enjoy this as much I did!

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