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Unicorns seemed like they were everywhere last year, so many companies were releasing products inspired by everyone’s favourite mythical creature. Lime Crime have dedicated their hair care line to the animal with their colourful Unicorn Hair dye. Nails inc also went pretty hard with the theme last year by releasing; sheet face masks, make up bags, lipsticks and of course lots of nail polishes - I counted a total of nine products on the site... So I’ve put a few of them to the test to see whether they’re worth the hype or if it’s just a fad. 

Unicorn Make Up

Too Faced are known for creating some of the most unique products out there, from Polly Pocket inspired highlighters to eye shadows that smell like chocolate bars. It'll come as no surprise that they have created an insta famous lipstick, aptly named unicorn tears. It's a blue lipstick which transforms colour on the lips according to your natural PH. The idea is great in theory however I thought it was a little bit too much for my every day look, the blue base still came through quite a lot. I think this could be great for fancy dress, taking fun Instagram photos or maybe even wearing as a lipstick topper (if used lightly). The glitter reflects are really pretty, and if you were wearing this at a festival or something similar you are bound to look the part. I just wanted the colour change to have more of an impact on my lips to make it wearable.

Ciate Mermaid Glow Highlighter

Have you ever seen anything quite so perfect for a unicorn lover? This rainbow highlighter is bound to brighten up any dreary day! In 2016 the internet went nuts after a rainbow highlighter went viral, it was made by an independent brand called Bitter Lace Beauty and she literally couldn't keep them in stock! The name of this highlighter was unicorn prism, no wonder people were going crazy for it! So lots of brands (Ciate London included) have created a product inspired by this genius idea. It’s not shown in this photo but the packaging for this is just so cute, I know lots of people who would think it was so pretty. It’d look perfect on your vanity table or in an Instagram flatlay. I love the attention to detail, the embossed stars on the highlighter is a lovely touch too. Plus the product is paraben free, PETA certified and cruelty free!

Too Faced Love light highlighter
Environmentally friendly glitter

Cutting down on plastics has been a huge topic lately, I’ve seen a few articles on how our obsession with glitter is damaging to the environment, take a read at this piece from The Independent. I was thrilled when I discovered EcoStardust, a brand who have created colourful, exciting and environmentally friendly glitter. It’s made from plant cellulose which is 100% natural and it's biodegradable. I’d never really thought about how dangerous my love for glitter could be for the environment. I do really love glitter, but I love turtles, the ocean and fish much more. So I’m happy to hear that there are brands out there making a change, I really hope other companies follow in their footsteps.

Feeling inspired? Shop the post here:

It certainly seems that Elan Cafe is having its Instagram moment. This week it’s suddenly exploded on on my feed, every other photo feels like it’s been of that infamous flower wall. I woke up very early yesterday morning and took the trip from South to West London. It’s my Mums 50th birthday weekend so I treated her to a very special breakfast. We opted for banana bread scattered with pansies and fruit, a caramel waffle with ice-cream, pistachio croissants and a pot of tea. I have to mention that it is quite expensive, I’d hate for you anyone visiting to get a nasty shock. I’m talking £8.50 for a smoothie, £6.50 for a hot chocolate or £17 for a breakfast plate, however you can visit on bit more of a budget!

The place is designed as a stylish Instagram haven; marble tables, pink velvet furnishings and a flower wall are just some of the few things that make the customers snap happy. Including myself, whilst photographing the cafe I ended up in an impromptu photo shoot with 3 other girls all trying to get the perfect shot. Although it sounds a little crazy, it was actually a fun moment and made it seem like I wasn’t quite so mad to wake up so early on a Saturday!

You can find Elan cafe at 239 Brompton Road, Kensington, London, SW3 2EP

From around 2008, my dream was to be in The Saturdays, I mean it was never going to happen, I can't sing and I'm terrified of getting on stage but a girl can secretly dream. Now they're no longer a thing I religiously keep up with them all on Instagram, especially Mollie King. Who is known for having impeccable preppy style and she often posts fab outfits on her feed (examples here; 1, 2, & 3). When I saw this super cute pinafore on her I had it my basket quicker than you could blink. I think quite a few people had the same idea as this weekend I've seen it all over Instagram and I think it's sold out online. I still wanted to post this as it might be available in some shops and they could order in more soon!

Anyway as I'm sure you've noticed by now I sort of have an obsession with Blair Waldorf's style so obviously this blog post was going to be no different. There's just something about a cute beret, checks and a quilted bag. I think it's the mix of all of the fashion capitals signature styles, or it could have something to do with watching Gossip Girl everyday?

Shop the look (I've added in some pinafore alternatives too):

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