Monday, 23 November 2015

Too Faced - Le Grand Palais review

Too Faced - Le Grand Palais
Too Faced - Christmas in ParisToo Faced - Christmas in Paris
Too Faced - Le Grand Palais review

As some of you may or not may not know, I'm a little make-up obsessed. During my recent trip to New York I spent a lot of time (and money) in the holy grail, Sephora. Whilst drooling over everything in the shop I saw this from the corner of my eye and made a bee line for it. It was like no make up palette I'd seen before. The set is inspired by the romantic view of Paris from a cosy hotel-room window. The Too Faced Le Grand Palais gift set includes a beautiful glittering makeup palette with a whimsical staircase and a few of the brand's most popular products. I've been itching to use the eye shadows ever since I bought them but I've been good and refrained until I'd photographed them for this blog post. The set contains, 18 eye shadows, two blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter and samples of their 'better than sex' mascara, melted lipstick in peony and their shadow insurance primer. One of the things I love the most about the palette is not just the glittery eye shadows but the names of the shades, including: Yule Log, Wish List, Midnight in Paris, City Lights and Party Dress. How cute and festive?! 

This year Too Faced have become one of my most lusted after beauty brands, after constantly seeing them pop up in blog posts or videos I just knew I had to get my hands on a few of their products during my trip. What's even better about the brand is that they're cruelty free and a large amount of their products are also vegan, which is just amazing and has made me love the brand even more. This palette was made without Parabens, Sulphates and Phthalates which is pretty incredible when you think about how many chemicals are put into your make up by other brands. They're a little tricky to get hold of in the UK and this palette was sadly a Sephora exclusive, however you can pick up some of their products in Debenhams.

Too Faced - Le Grand Palais

Thursday, 12 November 2015

What I've been up to: Autumn 2015 (so far)

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Unfortunately the grey weather and need to be asleep for most of the weekend means that there's no fashion or lifestyle post this week. I can't be the only one who's struggling to leave their warm cosy bed every morning. I can totally see why hedgehogs hibernate during the winter, it just makes total sense. 
However I do love putting together these little Instagram round ups, they're not my most popular posts but they're one of my favourites to write. I think it's a lovely way to see what you've been up to in the last few months and remind you of all of the fun things you've done. Which meant that I was reminded of my wonderful trip to New York, I'm desperately wishing I was back there. New York in autumn just seems to be the perfect time to visit. The weather is still a little warm, they go Halloween mad during October, there's not quite as many tourists, Central Park is beginning to shed its leaves for winter and let's not forget the Columbus Day sales! 
The rest of my photos are a little round up of my Autumn so far, it's all looking pretty cosy, which is just the way I like it. One of my favourite things about the end of the year is all of the fun things I get up to with my friends. It's the perfect excuse to find a great table, order some amazing food and have a good giggle over a drink or two. If all else fails, I revert to my teenage years and have a sleepover, which is where I was treated to these amazing pancakes from Liv. I also don't post many photos of myself on Instagram (unless I've published a blog post) but I wanted to share this one on Instagram as I was really pleased with how the whole blog post came out, if you missed it you can take a little look here!

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Monday, 2 November 2015

The casual Autumn outfit.

Topshop textured bell sleeve dress I am Daisy Alice
London fashion bloggersNew York fashion bloggers
minnetonka thunderbird moccasins

Having a holiday in New York means one thing- a lot of walking. So I wanted to make sure I had something super comfortable to wear but still wanted to be able to channel my inner Carrie whilst wondering round the big apple. I've been absolutely loving Topshop's Autumn release year and have found myself buying something from the site almost each week! One of my favourite things I've bought recently is this 60s style forest green dress, which just seems to be the colour of the season. As soon as it arrived I knew I was going to be popping it straight into my suitcase! I was looking for a few more staples that I could wear to work, but also something that was still special enough to wear on the weekends. 
On the third day of my trip I pulled this dress from my hotel wardrobe and got ready for a day of exploring. My boyfriend and I wondered around the Washington Square area and found this sweet little road dedicated to NYU's language students, the whole road has been recreated to look like your typical French street. We spent a good hour taking photos and looking at all of the pretty houses, it was one of my favourite finds from our trip! So many bloggers, celebrities and friends of mine are over there at the moment, or will be travelling to NYC soon and I must confess I'm pretty jealous, I'd love to go again in the spring or summer next year. However I think next on my holiday list is somewhere hot with a beach and cocktails, or maybe even Disneyland Paris. Please do let me know of your travel recommendations below! 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

The Topshop Cord Playsuit

London fashion bloggersTWO-IN-ONE VELVET CORD PLAYSUIT
Autumn fashion 2015
I am Daisy AliceFrench plaits

It feels like forever since I've put together a fashion blog post and I've really missed it. Life has been a little bit crazy in the last few months- but in the best way possible! I've been lucky enough to go on a couple of holidays, and I just fell out of my little blogging schedule. Sometimes working full time and trying to run a blog can be a little frustrating as quite often it rains on the weekend, making it pretty tricky to shoot an outfit post. So last weekend I was determined to take some outfit photos whilst there were still plenty of Autumn leaves around. I absolutely love the way they look in the background of photos. My boyfriend and I drove over to a very drizzly Crystal Palace park to snap this Topshop cord number, (thank you Liv for tweeting about this playsuit)! Now, I may not wear it quite as well as Gigi (check out Topshop's A/W campaigns to see what I mean). As Halloween is coming up I thought I'd give it a bit more of a Wednesday Adams twist and then continue to dress like her until Winter is over. Who could blame me? Why wouldn't you want to wear collared dresses, black tights and plaits for the next few months...?

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